It is part of our mission to bring awareness of Mitochondrial Disese to everyone we come into contact with. We feel that, too often our story and the story of what is Mito is not told. It is a disease that has many faces. It has many stories of Love, fear, but most of all HOPE. Hope that one day we may find a cure to this disease. THERE IS NO CURE!


JackInTheBoxThis disease is like a jack in the Box. It may seem simple and ordinary, like any other box. Then you see it has a handle and it moves. The handle moves easily at first but over time you wonder how many times it can keep turning before something happens. Music plays as the handle turns, reminding you of happy times and just as you start to feel comfortable it will surprize you. This object comes full force at you. It makes you jump in place to escape it from hitting you. But unlike most Jack in the Boxes, each one is different. Some jump out before a full turn. Others, might take hundreds of turns.

Here we will highlight stories that have been published about #TogetherWeMightMito. 


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