We know you have been fighting on your own pages and raising awareness in your own corner. Most of us have been doing the same thing for so long. It's hard letting go (momentarily) of your individual awareness efforts to join a larger cause. We came together to create this platform because we saw that, as a group, we can reach the stars. Individually, we limited. We felt that we were the most passionate about Mito because it is personal. However, we want you to take all that awesome awareness you've been raising for yourself and/or child and bring it into this campaign. We're not asking you to abandon your individual efforts. In fact, it's important that you continue forward in those endeavors.

We want to bring everyone TOGETHER into one place to have the greatest impact and broaden our reach as a COMMUNITY. We are all up against the same mitochondrial disease beast. We have a better chance defeating that beast if we fight it TOGETHER!

We really hope to see more #Mito families coming TOGETHER and sharing their selfies. You can post them to your children's awareness pages, etc. All we ask is that you copy and paste our wording (including the donation link to the campaign we've established where 95% of the funding goes to research), so we are all pooling our resources to fight mito TOGETHER! We will share your photos from your awareness pages as long as they're public and follow the directions. We WANT you to share the person's name you're fighting for (see examples below), so grab your markers, make those signs, and challenge your followers, friends, and families to join you!

What we DON'T want you to do is accept this challenge, copy it exactly, and ask for donations to your personal campaigns. Doing so goes against the heart of this campaign, which is to come TOGETHER to fight Mito.

Think of all the individuals everyone in the Mito community knows COLLECTIVELY?! We are not alone in this fight and we are much stronger if we raise our collective voices TOGETHER! #TogetherWeFightMito was designed as THE awareness platform to bring everyone TOGETHER in one place to have the biggest impact. So let's all go out there and make some noise - TOGETHER! 


I accepted the #TogetherWeFightMito #Selfie challenge and donated to fund critical mitochondrial disease research, and I challenge YOU to do the same.
1) Make a #TogetherWeFightMito sign and take a photo holding the sign
2) Follow Together We Fight Mito at https://www.facebook.com/TogetherWeFightMito/
3) DONATE $1 or more to fund critical #mito research. Tax-deductible donations here: https://www.umdf.org/togetherwefightmito
4) POST YOUR photo (make sure the privacy setting is PUBLIC)
5) CHALLENGE & TAG FIVE friends to do the same.

COPY & PASTE ⬆️ this message when you share your #TogetherWeFightMito #selfie

Let's raise our voices TOGETHER!!

TOGETHER, we FIGHT mito. TOGETHER, we CURE Mito. #TogetherWeFightMito

Sample Campaign Pictures