About Us

#Together We Fight Mito

Together We Fight Mito is a grassroots campaign led by those with mitochondrial disease. We fight together for our loved ones who have mitochondrial disease. We fight together to spread awareness for efforts that would lead to a cure for this often fatal disease.

Our Vision

We are all born with mitochondria. Awareness of what Mitochondrial Disease is, can mean the difference between life or death. While the diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease is rare, diseases based on the Mitochondria is not as rare as you think. We believe that if people know how prevalent Mitochondrial Disease really is, and how many people suffer from it, the world would demand more medical research and the development of a treatment or a cure. It is our belief that it will take those who are diagnosed with, care for, and friends of those with Mitochondrial Disease to make this happen.

Evelyn Avance

Our Values

Together we are stronger, there are millions of Mitochondria in our body and as they come together to form this disease so must we, come together, to fight it.

  • We believe we are stronger together, and that we can raise awareness for mito best when people affected by various forms of mito pool their efforts and combine their voices for change.
  • We believe there is a cure on the horizon, and that centralizing those people who are effected by the disease to focus their efforts, will help all of us.


Our Staff

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Michelle Budnik Nap Michelle Budnik-Nap
Rosemary Avance Rosemary Avance
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Mito Facts

Mitochondrial disease is a chronic, progressive disorder that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell cannot produce enough energy for cell or organ function.
There are about 40 mutations in the mtDNA and 300 mutations in the nDNA that have been identified and linked to mitochondrial disease. However, it is likely there are many more that have yet to be discovered.
Estimates suggest that 1 in 4,000 people will face a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease.
Mitochondrial disease symptoms differ from person to person and can first appear in infants, children, teens, or adults. Common symptoms include poor growth, loss of muscle coordination, muscle weakness and pain, seizures, vision and/or hearing loss, gastrointestinal issues, learning disabilities, and heart, liver, or kidney failure.